In Search of the Soul
by John Cottingham

In search of soul

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press
forthcoming early 2020, 170pp.
ISBN 978–0–691–17442–6; eBook 978–0–691–19758–6.


1 Humanity in Quest of the Soul
The Risk of Loss
Dimensions of Soul
The Soul and Human Nature
The Soul and Moral Integration
But Why the Soul?

2 The Evolution of the Soul
What Is the Soul?
Out of This World?
From Souls to Ghosts
Descartes and the Shrinking Soul
Cartesian Automata and the Creativity of Thought
The Soul-Body Unit and Descartes’s Trialism
The Ethical Implications of Human Embodiment

3 Soul, Science, and Subjectivity
Objective Science and Subjective Experience
Consciousness: Illusion or Irreducible Reality?
The Panpsychist Turn
Finding a Place for Consciousness
The Domain of the Soul

4 The Partly Hidden Soul
From Soul-Searching to Self-Fashioning
The Opacity of the Soul and Psychic Integration
The Depths of the Psyche
The Soul’s Hidden Yearning for God

5 The Soul and the Transcendent
Reaching Forward to the Transcendent
Natural versus Supernatural: The Unhelpful Contrast
Immortal Longings and the Care of the Soul: From Metaphysics to Praxis
Transcendence and Our Human Destiny